Makita® 18V 161PSI Inflator 22L/Min

Makita® 18V 161PSI Inflator 22L/Min


  • $219.00


Delivering up to 161psi, easily inflating automotive and machinery tyres, sporting equipment and more! The inflator features an easy-to-read digital pressure gauge screen with both current and target pressure values simultaneously displayed. The DMP181 also features a manual decompression function allowing air to be released in case of overinflation. With several convenience features, the DMP181 is easy to use, with an LED light for convenient use at night and an auto-stop function that automatically shuts down the tool when the desired pressure is reached.


  • 1 x Ball Needle (TE00000592)
  • 1 x Inflatable Adaptor (TE00000333)
  • 1 x French Adaptor (TE00000594)


  • 161psi maximum air pressure for inflating a wide variety of equipment
  • Large digital backlit display shows current and target air pressure
  • Decompression function for reducing the current air pressure
  • High discharge volume at 22L/min for fast inflation times
  • Auto-stop function, inflator shuts down once target pressure is achieved


  • Voltage: 18V
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 161psi
  • Discharge Amount:
    • At 29psi: 22L/min
    • At 100psi: 11L/min
    • At 161psi: 7L/min
  • Duty Cycle: 10 Minutes ON/ 5 Minutes OFF
  • Overall Length: 272mm
  • Weight (Skin Only): 2.1kg


  • 3 Years Warranty Covered By Makita Australia

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