HiKOKI  18V Li-ion MultiVolt Multi Port Battery Charger

HiKOKI 18V Li-ion MultiVolt Multi Port Battery Charger

  • $299.00


With the ability to charge batteries individually or simultaneously, the HiKOKI MultiVolt Battery Charger, UC18YTSL, gives users the freedom to quickly top up their batteries or to change all 4, ready for a days work.


  • Ability to charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously (simultaneous charge) or individually for faster charge times (rapid charge)
  • Inclusion of 2 x USB ports allows for charging of other devices
  • Ability to be powered by engine generators due to HiKOKI's original charging control system
  • 2-Stage overcharge protection system stops current detection & a built in battery temperature sensor
  • Charge indicator lamp allows the user to check the charging status of each battery


  • Voltage: 14.4V, 18V or MultiVolt
  • Number of charging ports: 4
  • Charging current: 8.0amps
  • USB ports: 2 (2A)
  • AC outlet: 1 (8A)
  • Charging times (Rapid):
  • 1st Battery: 38min (6Ah), 32min (5Ah), 20min (3Ah)
  • 2nd Battery: 76min (6Ah), 64min (5Ah), 40min (3Ah)
  • 3rd Battery: 114min (6Ah), 96min (5Ah), 60min (3Ah)
  • 4th Battery: 152min (6Ah), 128min (5Ah), 80min (3Ah)
  • Charging times (simultaneous):
  • 6Ah: 152min
  • 5Ah: 128min
  • 3Ah: 80min
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 255mm x 181mm x 112mm
  • Weight (without cable): 1.6kg


  • 3 Years Standard Warranty Covered By HiKOKI Australia