New Stabila Laser Measurer

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Stabila has released a new Laser Distance Measurer.  The main claim to fame for this unit is the fact that it included access to the Stabila Measures app, and will transfer measurements to the app via a bluetooth connection, while selling for under $150

LD 250 BT laser distance measurer

The unit has a fairly stripped down feature set, providing basic straight line measurements and area and volume calculations, all measured from the base of the unit only.  Accuracy is stated at plus/minus 2mm at a range of 20cm-50m

Stabila is well known for their accuracy and ruggedness of build.  This unit has plenty of rubber on the outside to help protect against impacts, and has no noticeable body flex.

The app is fairly basic as well, allowing the user to create a rough floorplan or drawing, then simply overlay the measurements transferred directly from the measurer.  It doesn't use the measurements in any way to adjust aspects of the drawing, but with a little practice, it could be used to create some pretty accurate representations.

Currently available for purchase, this is the start of bluetooth becoming a standard function rather than a high priced optional extra on these sorts of units.


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